Sunday, July 26, 2015

BrainyVote ~ Information for the Electorate

Since I've been a legal voter in the USA, I've been trying to find information on candidates. It seems getting to the truth is actually quite hard, despite the information thrown everywhere during debates. I didn't want to vote based on charisma, I wanted to vote based on character.

I researched and found many websites that help you get to the truth. Then I made a website to list the information sources.
This information will help you figure out who to vote for in 2016, 2020, and probably 2024.

There's a quiz to help you see how your views compare to all of the candidates. There are links to find out how candidates are being funded (look for title's "Money"). You can also figure out what questions may be on your state ballot ahead of time.

If there's an unclear statement that both sides are saying is true, then it isn't true, you can find out what was really said on a fact check link (look for "Questionable Statements?")

Be sure to bookmark this site so you can access it as we near the presidential elections.

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