Monday, June 27, 2016

List of: Important Events in Human History

I found this list very nearly compiled with an excellent set of significant events effecting humans.
It looks like it's written by a "Shane Ross"
who appears to be a VirginaTech Associate Professor at the time of this posting.

Great list, plus other lists at the bottom of the page.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Instructables - DIY Projects

Ever get an itch that you need to scratch and that itch is telling you to make something? Well, if you want some ideas just go to this site. It has

You'll find hacks and mods to do with IKEA furniture kits, cake recipes and more to fill your mind (and belly). Always remember to put safety first. Get your safety goggles and oven mitts ready!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

BrainyVote ~ Information for the Electorate

Since I've been a legal voter in the USA, I've been trying to find information on candidates. It seems getting to the truth is actually quite hard, despite the information thrown everywhere during debates. I didn't want to vote based on charisma, I wanted to vote based on character.

I researched and found many websites that help you get to the truth. Then I made a website to list the information sources.
This information will help you figure out who to vote for in 2016, 2020, and probably 2024.

There's a quiz to help you see how your views compare to all of the candidates. There are links to find out how candidates are being funded (look for title's "Money"). You can also figure out what questions may be on your state ballot ahead of time.

If there's an unclear statement that both sides are saying is true, then it isn't true, you can find out what was really said on a fact check link (look for "Questionable Statements?")

Be sure to bookmark this site so you can access it as we near the presidential elections.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (incl. review of Credit Card Knife)

     I randomly (or was it?) came across this website, GearBest from a Facebook AD.

GearBest Logo

     At first, I was skeptical. It looks like a website which sells stuff from China and there are a lot that unfortunately scam people. So, I placed a small order of a product I've purchased elsewhere in the past as a test... A little wallet utility knife.
Credit Card Wallet Utility Knife
Credit Card Wallet Utility Knife (10pcs)
      I decided to get the 10 piece set, wondering if the cases each one came in would be considered a piece. I did not choose the special shipping option and elected for the standard which took a few weeks. Thankfully, it actually came with 10 of the knives! Since receiving them, I've been giving them out to friends as gifts. They're sharp and made just like the ones I previously had. The instructions are in Chinese, but basically it includes:

2 inch ruler
Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Flathead screw driver
Saw Blade
Knife Blade

      Of course, it fits in your wallet. I gave them to a few female friends as well as many males. Be careful, the knife and saw are both sharp (as they should be)!

      The website is in "Beta" version now. It has tons of products for very fair prices. I do believe you're bound to find something there you like. One note of advice - the "Log in" link is weirdly in the middle of the page and very tiny. If you don't log-in, your shopping cart empties upon browser closing.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Wolfram Image Identification Project

I recently came across a new search engine. An image search engine. You just drag and drop an image or browse to upload an image to their server. Their software scans it and tells you what it is.
While  you maybe familiar with Google's "Reverse" image search engine (click the camera in the search box to upload), in my opinion this is more accurate. It's better at determining what your image is, which may have great A.I. uses. Who knows, maybe one day it can do photo-manipulations and cleanup for me so I don't have to.
For the record, Google's is designed to give you a list of images similar to it. That's a use all on its own. They might want to get better image recognition for their "Glass." Their voice recognition is better than Apple's or Microsoft's however, but that's a different topic altogether.

You may want to poke around on the Wolfram page. They're doing a lot of exciting work in regards to programming, cloud computing and more. I'm deeply impressed.

Sunday, January 20, 2013 Video Converter Downloader

Video Converter and Video Downloader (from web)

I've used and tested both of these on Win XP & Win 7 64bit and they worked fine.

Video Conversion and Downloader both work well, but as with many conversion software programs, there are sometimes things that are not converted properly. I've used this Free Video Conversion Software in conjunction other free converters and taken the best from each one.

Definitely Watch the multiple tricky installation of 3rd party software attempts when clicking through installation. I skimmed the click through and had to do a double take then and triple take to make sure I didn't accidentally install an add on or some weird software.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Email YOURSELF on FutureMe and PasteBay!

Have you ever made a time-capsule- a note or box you hid from yourself or buried underground only to dig it up years later? What you said or put in there was interesting right? Well, for me it was! Anyhow:
Conduct your own time capsule experiment!

Now that your sending a message to your future self, likely YEARS in the future. You can get back to the present... Well... Almost! Send yourself a message instantly! Only instead of reading it right after you wrote it, read it later, like a "note to self" sorta thing!

You can even password protect posts and create your own sub-domain just by typing it in!
Get CRAZY! Talk to yourself :)