Sunday, January 20, 2013 Video Converter Downloader

Video Converter and Video Downloader (from web)

I've used and tested both of these on Win XP & Win 7 64bit and they worked fine.

Video Conversion and Downloader both work well, but as with many conversion software programs, there are sometimes things that are not converted properly. I've used this Free Video Conversion Software in conjunction other free converters and taken the best from each one.

Definitely Watch the multiple tricky installation of 3rd party software attempts when clicking through installation. I skimmed the click through and had to do a double take then and triple take to make sure I didn't accidentally install an add on or some weird software.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Email YOURSELF on FutureMe and PasteBay!

Have you ever made a time-capsule- a note or box you hid from yourself or buried underground only to dig it up years later? What you said or put in there was interesting right? Well, for me it was! Anyhow:
Conduct your own time capsule experiment!

Now that your sending a message to your future self, likely YEARS in the future. You can get back to the present... Well... Almost! Send yourself a message instantly! Only instead of reading it right after you wrote it, read it later, like a "note to self" sorta thing!

You can even password protect posts and create your own sub-domain just by typing it in!
Get CRAZY! Talk to yourself :)

Color Blender - Automatic Complementary Color Generator

     Ever building a website or just need a color palette where things match? Well. I'm not the greatest at matching things, so I do!

     When you scroll colors around, you'll automatically get colors that complement each other. For those of you with slight color matching problems, this could be your ticket to a slightly more hassle free day! I've had this tab opened for 2 or more weeks just making sure I wouldn't forget to write about it!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Computer Glasses or... Flux?

To protect our eyes from computer eye-strain... Sometimes changing the lighting may help. That's where Flux comes in.

I'm using Flux right now. I like it a lot on my LED backlit monitor, because it hurts my eyes sometimes. I like the little button "turn off for one hour" (in case you need normal monitor color). If anyone's eyes hurt after using the computer a lot, this is definitely worth a shot.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Like science stuff? Me to and I love the experiments that go along with it as well.

I stumbled across this very well written and detailed website with fun science projects ranging from tiny to big.

Magnetism, radio, thermodynamics projects and more!
Make stuff with your kids (or by yourself- nobody's looking!)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Latin Translations To And From English

I'm a lover of language, though you wouldn't know it unless I told you because I really only know one language. I dabble in Spanish, French, Chinese & of course PHP though :) The following site is a great resource for figuring out something in Latin:

Latin Word List
Latin to English & English to Latin Word Lists

A major bit of knowledge not spread well in the world is that the history of words (etymology) greatly inceases the understanding of words... At least until this point, it's been taught in public schools without acknologement: i.e. Students are taught prefixes and affixes which ties in greatly with etymology, but not taught where they come from, which could open the door to more knowledge even without more teaching. These prefixes bring us to another link!
Latin Roots for Prefixes, and Suffixes

Three links in one day? Yes! Partially because it's been so long since I've posted and partially because there so much great information for etymology. This following link is more about etymology than Latin, but because much English does come Latin, it will be referenced frequently.

(Has roots of many words with definitions, but WATCH FOR POPUPS)

When you look up a word on they often have interesting little tid-bits of the words roots / history, but in the past I've had to battle pop-ups- to forewarn you. Sometimes it's actually worth the pop-ups though, but I personally can't spend any length of time there anymore. Your first few visits though you may find yourself unable to leave.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Koyote Soft - Free Software

Among the lot of free software, Koyote Soft offers is a "Free Videos To DVD" piece, which allows you to put your home movies on DVD really easily (but I haven't gotten the menu option to work on my actual DVD player, I have to hit "skip" instead of "play".

Koyote Soft
Get Your Free Legal Software Groove On

They also have a free CD ripper, which will let you take tracks off of your CD for backup or your MP3 player (where legal).

If you're in need of video conversion software, while not free, you can at least test out their video conversion software in the trial, then purchase if necessary. I've used their "Free Videos To DVD" software and their "Hot Jingle Player" before, both which work great. Purchasing the Hot Jingle Player is not an option right now though, as their link is broken for that particular piece and I tried contacting them to no avail.

All-in-all, there's some great free software on the Koyote Soft website, and although I haven't yet needed a piece of their paid software yet (except the jingle player), I assume their paid software works at least as well as their free software. Great stuff.

Also, you might want to check out my post on my Graphics Blog about another free bit of software for editing photos in a browser, Picnik! It's basically a "Cool Site", but I try to keep graphics oriented things over there a bit and didn't want to double post in case you subscribe to both blogs, that way you wont get the same thing in your inbox twice.