Sunday, June 24, 2007

Google Trends Is Pretty Sweet

This new-like Google Trends site is pretty sweet. For example, you can see what's more popular in a certain part of the world:

paris hilton american idol world hunger

Now you see that Paris Hilton seems more popular than World Hunger and American Idol! Not surprisingly, Paris Hilton is not more popular than war though (yes, I checked), but she is a crap load more popular than Bill Gates (I think that's because he hides in the shadows). It seems a friend (or a rival, at least in this case) of hers may be Britney Spears.

paris hilton bill gates britney spears

Image sources:

To what I found out when researching a question for my home state, "What's going on with religion in Maryland?" Just to prepare you, it doesn't seem to be happening just in Maryland, but seems much more widespread.

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