Monday, July 30, 2007

The Comcast Fan's Free Videos

Comcast, the Cable, Internet, and now phone company provides free video. Built in what seems to be to be a unique, though a little confusing design, you can have free quality video at your finder tips.

I just got done watching some "300 Movie" video clips. Even the small clips from that movie make the hair on my beastly back rise. 300 is one of my all time favorites, barely under Braveheart, The Matrix, and Interview with a Vampire.

You can find videos other than 300, for example, once you go to the Comcast Fan, you can type in "Yoga" and have yourself some free yoga training or lessons. You can type in recipe and it will bring up some step by step video recipe's to help inspire your making of some snazzy food!

There are advertisements on the Fan, but in my experience, they're usually not what I would consider obtrusive... Although I would change the fact that there are so few advertisements that they become extremely annoying seeing the same ones over and over again. Even if there is only one company buying the advertisements, at least make make multiple versions of the same ad.

Check out the Comcast Fan.

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