Sunday, August 05, 2007

Naked Vegetarians Protest

Stated on the UK PETA web site,

"Painted in a Butcher's Diagram, Porn Star Zara Whites Urges Consumers to Go Vegetarian

Rotterdam – Stripping down to nothing but paint markings that mimic a butcher's diagram of body parts, PETA Netherlands supporter and former international porn star Zara Whites will pose in Rotterdam's busiest shopping district to remind consumers that "All Animals Have the Same Parts – Have a Heart. Go Vegetarian"."


The "All Animals Have The Same Parts" image, from the PETA pinup wallpapers page.

I suppose that's one way to protest. While searching for that image, I've noticed compared to most causes people stand for, the vegetarian cause seems to have a lot of nudity.

The Running Of The Nudes who are apparently against bull fighting, they say there is no competition between the matador and the bull's, that

"Bulls are intentionally debilitated by various means, such as having sandbags dropped on their backs.2 Drugging is also very common. A study conducted by scientists at Spain’s Salamanca University found that 20 per cent of the bulls used for fighting are drugged before they step into the ring. In a sampling of 200 bulls, one in five had been given anti-inflammatory drugs, which mask injuries that could sap animals’ strength.3"

Cheating? In the Spanish bull fights? I suppose it does get a little risky when "more than 40,000" bulls are killed in Spain.

WARNING: In the following video, animals a gruesomely killed after the vegetables are displayed in a sexual manner, the switch from sexuality to brutality happens early on in the Happy Orgasm Day video. I guess this is a way to get people to watch the video, then kind of throw them into the message that you really want them to see... Isn't that "bait and switch?"

There's a "I'd rather go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign where Joanna Krupa, a model poses barely covered.

I have wondered where all this nakedness has come from, and I assumed, based on my prior knowledge that it's because it's been supported so heavily by Pamela Anderson, a well known "nude artist" as I'll call it.

I did some research, and it appears the search trends on the internet indicate the popularity of Pamela Anderson is not as related to the popularity of PETA as I thought it would be, Pamela should learn from Tom Cruise promoting Scientology if she wants to promote PETA. Oddly enough, it seems the search term Pamela Anderson is more related to the search term chicken. I attribute this to the widely popular gruesome video involving Pam Anderson VS "Kentucky Fried Cruelty".

Another anti-fur campaign said "Be comfortable in your own skin, and let animals keep theirs." And here's a pile of naked PETA members. And another pile of protesting PETA members.

Honestly, I like vegetarianism, but I'm not a vegetarian. I know it sounds a little odd, but I cherish all life, plants as well as animals. Just because a tomato plant may be soundless without wind, and visionless without those looking at it, doesn't mean I consider it less important than animals. I eat most living things equally. I don't really like beef and I don't really like Brussels sprouts, but I eat them, because I'm thankful that I have it. I thank the Cow and the Brussels sprout equally.

Though I believe vegetables are important, I do still commend PETA for their strong opposition towards animal cruelty. I'm not really sure how I feel about vegetable rights, yet.

Since we started this off with an "All Animals Have The Same Parts" ad, I'll end it with one too.

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