Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Two Cool Sites!

The first site is an image search engine few people know about that seems to find more images somehow than Google and Yahoo image search, but there's a little catch, you need the FireFox browser for it to work. The second site is a BBC web page with free personality tests on it, and who doesn't like to learn a little bit more about themselves?

First, if you don't have FireFox, get it here free.
Once you're done installing, or if you already have it, head on over to the image search! Run a couple searches! Test it out!

Now even if you don't have FireFox, don't want to get it, or just don't like images, but would like to know yourself a little better. Check out the Human Body and Mind Surveys from the BBC news companies!

I think psychologists would typically charge you an arm, a leg, and your sanity due to bills for this type of service!

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