Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nabaztag Robot Helper

Whenever you're in need of the weather report, your TV isn't working, and your too lazy to turn your computer on, you can rely on this little guy to get you the weather.

It seems s/he's a rabbit that you can ask basic questions and it gives you answers like the weather and news reports, but much more. You can make it say things apparently and perhaps even sing, maybe the music in the background of the site made me think it was singing when it really wasn't though.

It seems most awesome. I call it the funny bunny... I'm guessing the antennas are inside the ears and that's why they chose a bunny for the robot body... We wouldn't want any body (especially kids) falling on those pointy ears now would we? They could get away with using a monkey shell too with the ears and/or tail as the antenna housing. Pretty cool!

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