Saturday, December 13, 2008

Art Fire - Sell Your Art Without Fees

Art Fire is a place where new artists and old artists alike can sell their art in form of home decor or body decor! Body decor is of course a fancy pantsy method of saying Jewelry I just made up since it does fit the description "Body Decor."

Art Fire
"Sell without Fees. Create without limits!"
(That's their tagline, I didn't make that one up)

Here you can buy jewelry, chairs, gloves, dolls, toys, tools to make those things yourself and much more! Just go to their site and look at their category list (currently on the left side). The contents are interesting enough that you'll enjoy looking at a couple of the categories.

Oh, and I forgot the most important part, they don't charge the sellers to sell! That's good news for sellers and buyers, because buyers don't have to pay jacked up prices to cover for fees! Everyone wins :) The company makes their money apparently from advertising, but that's nothing new... There's ads where people pay close to the most to sell, eBay.

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