Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have lots of ideas for inventions myself. Most of which I haven't created yet, instead focusing on the few "more likely" since I have a family and must control my risk taking. I've found a good place though that seems to be geared towards kids, but adults can use it too.

It looks like a great place to get some exposure for those kids at heart that never got a chance... I suppose most inventors are kids at heart right? How else do we keep seeing things with "new eyes?"

They need to clean up their Terms of Use (TOU) since paragraph one says ", we ... do not have any copyright to any original work submitted to Inspiring Invention" and paragraph two says "By submitting materials to the site, you automatically give The Ad Council and our partners nonexclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, and distribute your work." ... "We don't own your work, but we do." I feel it's a mistake on the wording of the TOU and what they probably mean is "we don't claim ownership of your inventions, but anything submitted to this website may be used to publicize it and our mission." I feel it was a mistake, because otherwise the US Patent and Trademark Office shouldn't and wouldn't be supporting them for trying to conclude work from anothers efforts, especially those who are younger which the ads are being marketed towards. Send them an email if you want to let them know their TOU contradicts itself in the beginning.

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