Friday, June 19, 2009

File Hippo

Like downloading stuff? Me too. Like downloading useful stuff more? Me too! We're so much alike- you and I. That's why I'm providing you with a nifty link to the File Hippo. We can ride on it together. Hippos are big, so we can both fit on it.

File Hippo
(Ride the hippo with me!)

Although it appears to be a website to stay updated on downloads. I think it's something more than that-and better than that. They seem to have very short and accurate reviews (time-saving!) of the downloads and many of the programs are new to me, but look stable, fun to try and most of all- useful!

While Mailwasher can be checking my email for spam in my mail client- Thunderbird, I can be listening to music with SUPER and riding the hippo with Opera- e.g. surfing the web ;)

- Scratch the below "Post Script" note - Things not going as planned for now. -

P.S. I may be switching this blog over full time to my main website, I just want to give you the warning so if you subscribe to my blog you wont be surprised when you land at I'm twice as friendly there as I am here though and half as funny- so you have nothing to worry about. Ok, so sometimes I'm funny there maybe. I'll be redirecting my feed here to pick up at

If you have any thoughts on this please let me know! Thanks! David

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