Saturday, October 02, 2010

Latin Translations To And From English

I'm a lover of language, though you wouldn't know it unless I told you because I really only know one language. I dabble in Spanish, French, Chinese & of course PHP though :) The following site is a great resource for figuring out something in Latin:

Latin Word List
Latin to English & English to Latin Word Lists

A major bit of knowledge not spread well in the world is that the history of words (etymology) greatly inceases the understanding of words... At least until this point, it's been taught in public schools without acknologement: i.e. Students are taught prefixes and affixes which ties in greatly with etymology, but not taught where they come from, which could open the door to more knowledge even without more teaching. These prefixes bring us to another link!
Latin Roots for Prefixes, and Suffixes

Three links in one day? Yes! Partially because it's been so long since I've posted and partially because there so much great information for etymology. This following link is more about etymology than Latin, but because much English does come Latin, it will be referenced frequently.

(Has roots of many words with definitions, but WATCH FOR POPUPS)

When you look up a word on they often have interesting little tid-bits of the words roots / history, but in the past I've had to battle pop-ups- to forewarn you. Sometimes it's actually worth the pop-ups though, but I personally can't spend any length of time there anymore. Your first few visits though you may find yourself unable to leave.

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