Sunday, January 20, 2013 Video Converter Downloader

Video Converter and Video Downloader (from web)

I've used and tested both of these on Win XP & Win 7 64bit and they worked fine.

Video Conversion and Downloader both work well, but as with many conversion software programs, there are sometimes things that are not converted properly. I've used this Free Video Conversion Software in conjunction other free converters and taken the best from each one.

Definitely Watch the multiple tricky installation of 3rd party software attempts when clicking through installation. I skimmed the click through and had to do a double take then and triple take to make sure I didn't accidentally install an add on or some weird software.

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Ron Starc said...

Digital Media Converter is another good free audio video converter software that also converts every type of media file. No adware, and completely virus free. Great for converting files between formats