Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Wolfram Image Identification Project

I recently came across a new search engine. An image search engine. You just drag and drop an image or browse to upload an image to their server. Their software scans it and tells you what it is.
While  you maybe familiar with Google's "Reverse" image search engine (click the camera in the search box to upload), in my opinion this is more accurate. It's better at determining what your image is, which may have great A.I. uses. Who knows, maybe one day it can do photo-manipulations and cleanup for me so I don't have to.
For the record, Google's is designed to give you a list of images similar to it. That's a use all on its own. They might want to get better image recognition for their "Glass." Their voice recognition is better than Apple's or Microsoft's however, but that's a different topic altogether.

You may want to poke around on the Wolfram page. They're doing a lot of exciting work in regards to programming, cloud computing and more. I'm deeply impressed.

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