Tuesday, July 14, 2015

GearBest.com (incl. review of Credit Card Knife)

     I randomly (or was it?) came across this website, GearBest from a Facebook AD.

GearBest Logo

     At first, I was skeptical. It looks like a website which sells stuff from China and there are a lot that unfortunately scam people. So, I placed a small order of a product I've purchased elsewhere in the past as a test... A little wallet utility knife.
Credit Card Wallet Utility Knife
Credit Card Wallet Utility Knife (10pcs)
      I decided to get the 10 piece set, wondering if the cases each one came in would be considered a piece. I did not choose the special shipping option and elected for the standard which took a few weeks. Thankfully, it actually came with 10 of the knives! Since receiving them, I've been giving them out to friends as gifts. They're sharp and made just like the ones I previously had. The instructions are in Chinese, but basically it includes:

2 inch ruler
Bottle Opener
Can Opener
Flathead screw driver
Saw Blade
Knife Blade

      Of course, it fits in your wallet. I gave them to a few female friends as well as many males. Be careful, the knife and saw are both sharp (as they should be)!

      The website is in "Beta" version now. It has tons of products for very fair prices. I do believe you're bound to find something there you like. One note of advice - the "Log in" link is weirdly in the middle of the page and very tiny. If you don't log-in, your shopping cart empties upon browser closing.

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