Thursday, June 28, 2007

Microsoft Office Is Competing With Free Software Here

Apparent popularity of the free office suite to the not-so-free is pretty head to head. While the popularity for Microsoft Office appears higher than Open Office, they both appear to be climbing in popularity at the same rate. Although, neither of them really compete with Paris Hilton, kind of like Paris Hilton Vs American Idol.

They're quite a lot of things in common with MO (Microsoft Office) and Open Office . In my experience, MO does have some more features than OO (Open Office), however,  it seems like all of the basics are shared between the two. If you haven't been using Microsoft Office for that long, you're probably not tied down to the spiffy features, so could likely pretty easily switch over to OO. Even if you have been using MO for quite some time though, OO is free, so it's worth a try. It is important to note that I believe Microsoft Office does have more products within the Office Professional and beyond suites. For anything less though, apparently the features are much closer and the only major downfall I could find (which really may cause a problem for older machines) was that Open Office uses more RAM. Basically the more RAM you use, the slower your computer gets.

 Open Office VS Microsoft office

Source: Google Trends

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