Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Find Free Music Albums

Where the idea came from

While seeing what was going on with my YouTube videos, I stumbled across a Saul Williams teaser video (below) on YouTube.

The entire album is available for download free, but a 5 dollar donation helps support the musician and enables you to download higher quality audio.

Saul Williams website: http://niggytardust.com/

After stumbling across that, I decided to look for some more free music on the web. I don't have money to donate but I can promote the artists and share something interesting with someone at the same time. Yes, I work on my internet things (chexed.com, flixya.com, blogger, & more) on average 13 hours a day and make an average of TEN CENTS PER DAY, SERIOUSLY. So feel free to donate to me too! Otherwise, I may have to go back to working a regular job, where I try to help out so much I end up doing overtime for FREE and only posting once every couple months again.

Now that I'm done complaining about my income for the moment, I'll get on to the free music resources I scoured up!

The Free Music

They wouldn't mind a $5.00 donation to help ensure their music can stay available!
You can browse by genre (classical, rock) or by feel (eerie, happy) which is unusual and welcomed by me.

ProjectPlaylist http://www.projectplaylist.com/
You can get a free music player for your website and search for free music:

MyBloop http://www.mybloop.com/
Another music search engine where you can upload your own music and find music along with much more content (videos, pictures & more).

I saved the previous two for last, because you have to be careful when searching, some of the songs are protected by copyrights to the extent that using them even in the player violates those copyrights.

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